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December 2014

New PED licenses will (probably) not be available after December 2014 for customers outside Germany

Some 20+ years ago PED was presented for the first time at an Annual Meeting of the German Society of Human Genetics. Since this time PED has been developed, slowly but continuously. PED runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 (Win 7-8.1 on both 32 and 64 bit versions). The last big step forward was the export of pedigree data to a format suitable for breast cancer risk assessment by BOADICEA (see below). PED / BOADICEA seem to be a great help to many geneticists counseling families with breast cancer.

So why will PED be discontinued?

On 1 January 2015, in the EU new VAT place of supply rules come into effect for business to consumer supplies of digital services (broadcasting, telecommunications and e-services). This includes software offered for download. To make a (very) long story short: This would not only involve considerable changes to this website but also lots of paperwork - not to mention an expensive EU tax expert. The implementation of the so-called "VAT mini One Stop Shop" is not supposed to be much help either. More on this, e.g., at

Not being fond of bloated bureaucracies I am extremely sorry to say that from 2015 on no more new licenses for PED will be available for customers outside Germany (please see below). Maybe, when the dust has settled and a feasible solution for small businesses will come into existence new licenses (and a new version of PED) might be available.

Please note:Free support for PED will be continued.

If you have any further questions please contact me at

Users from Germany: You can still order a license of PED 6 if you are located in Germany

Allerdings wird PED nicht mehr weiter entwickelt werden. Ausschlaggebend dafür waren die neuen EU-Gesetze, die seit 2015 unter anderem eine Abführung der Mehrwertsteuer in das jeweilige Land des Käufers fordern.
Innerhalb Deutschlands wird PED weiter verkauft und unterstützt werden. Neue Versionen werden aber nicht mehr erscheinen. Bei Interesse können Sie eine Standard-Lizenz für 95,00 Euro und eine Linkage - Lizenz für 145,00 Euro erwerben.

Download PED

Take me directly to download

PED is available in two versions

(for Windows only)

Apart from different import / export capabilities both program flavors are identical:

Only PED L can import / export files in Comma Separated Values (CSV) and LINKAGE (TXT) format.

Only PED L can export family information also as a BOADICEA data file. The data files created by PED can be uploaded to the BOADICEA Web Application (BWA; to estimate the risks of breast and ovarian cancer and the probability to be a carrier of any cancer-associated mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

Both PED L and PED S can import / export PIP (PED Input) files in input window.

The program you can download on the pages to follow contains both versions. After payment of the license fee you will receive a key that unlocks the program either as a Standard or a LINKAGE version.

Without the keys you cannot export / import / save a pedigree.

Sorry, you will not receive free keys to test whether your data files can be imported in PED

But if you want to, you can email one or two data files (as CSV file, with column headers), and you will receive whatever can be displayed in PED. Be sure the data you send are in LINKAGE file format.

License fees

After December 2014 all lincense fees listed below are no longer valid !
Please see top of page.

All licenses are site licenses. They are only valid for use inside one department

For 1 to 10 users in a single department. The same price applies, no matter whether you install the software on a single computer, or on 10 computers in your department.

License fees include free minor udates and bug fixes, at least for one year, as well as free support by email. No telephone calls, please.

PED is delivered via electronic download; no media will be shipped.

PED 6 Standard

site license for 1 to 10 users in a single department

other:  please ask

license 169 239
handling 0 20
total 169 259

PED 6 Linkage

site license for 1 to 10 users in a single department

other:  please ask

license 239 339
handling 0 20
total 239 359

Update PED 5 Linkage to PED 6 Linkage

Free if you ordered PED 5 in 2009 !

site license for 1 to 10 users in a single department

other:  please ask

license 70 99
handling 0 20
total 70 119

For bulk orders - please ask !

How to order a PED 6 license

After December 2014 this is available only to customers from Germany.
Please see top of page.

Please right click on the following link, and save the order form

Please email the form to the address given at the top of the order form. Or just send an email asking for a quote, or a proforma invoice.


Method of payment:

Sorry, I cannot accept credit cards.

Please note:

Please do not pay / send a check until you receive an invoice. Always use the invoice number when you pay a license fee

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