Download PED

Current version: 6.0.2 from October 2009

(The version number is available from the menu Help - About PED ...)

Please do not install into a folder with a name containing non - ASCII characters, or spaces

To start the download (4.5 MB), right click on the following link and choose "Save link as".

download with installer.

Please uninstall a previous PED6.x.x version. Find the file p602setup.exe in your download folder, and double click on it to install. This may require administrative rights to your system.

Download troubles?

If the download seems to hang after some seconds there is probably a problem with your firewall. E.g., an older version of the Checkpoint firewall seems to have a bug that prevents the download of a zipped file containing PNGs. Your admin may change this by editing Smart-Defense/Application Intelligence/Content Protection/Malformed PNG.

Otherwise you may contact me to receive the program by email.

Thank you for evaluating PED.