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Getting started with PED

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System requirements
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Windows XP or higher.
Although not tested extensively, PED should run on Windows 2000 and above.
RAM: PED has a very low memory footprint. In other words: If XP runs on your computer, PED will have enough memory.
Screen size and resolution: the higher, the better.
And of course a printer, in case you like to have some printed pedigrees
Download and install
Locate PedSetup.exe at the download page (see link above). Download, locate PEDSetup.exe on your hard disk, and double click on it.
The setup wizard will guide you through the simple installation.
From the Windows Start button, select Program - PED - uninstall.

Drawing in input mode

After launching PED, the input window will be displayed:

What you see as soon as you launch PED 5

Both consultands are already drawn. The male symbol is selected by default.

Now they should have a son and a daughter: simply press the buttons labelled Son and Daughter:

consultands and two children

Ooops - there should have been two sons and a daughter.
Just select the daughter (using your mouse, point at the daughter, and click on it):

When the daughter is selected:

select and delete the selected member

Simply hit the Del button on your keyboard, or select the appropriate menu item in the Input Window menu (Remember: we're still in input mode). Now confirm (answer Yes):

Answer yes

Again, the male consultand is selected by default. Now press the buttons labelled Son and Daughter:

a small family with two sons and a daughter

Children with several partners

The daughter should have two girls with one partner, and two sons with a second partner.
Click on the daughter in the pedigree, and press the Daughter button twice. The father of the two girls will be drawn automatically.

With the daughter still selected, choose 2. Partner from the partner dropdown list:

partner dropdown list

Press the Son button twice:

Children with a second partner

Why not have another son with a third partner ? Just select 3. Partner from the partner list box at the left top, and press the Son button. What about another daughter with a fourth partner ? Just select 4. Partner from the partner list box, and press the Daughter button. This is the resulting pedigree:

children with four partners

(Just in case you are interested in animal breeding, and wonder how many differnt partners may be drawn:
descendants with 20 different partners
We could go on and on and on ...)

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