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Getting started with PED

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Text and / or haplotypes around a symbol

Now we would like to add some text for the male symbol just right of the selected woman:

adding some text

Right click on the symbol. A dialog will open:

Text and Haplotypes dialog

Here you can change the symbol (open the Phenotype drop down list box). This is the same as selecting a symbol from the phenotype menu. Enter some text surrounding the symbol and below the symbol. Press the Help button for more information.

The current labels are not very meaningful (Text1 .. Text4, M1 .. M18). You may want to edit these labels:
Open Edit input label menu
Instead of Text2 you may enter Day of birth, or instead of M1 .. to M18 you may enter the names of the DNA markers you are interested in.

Back to our member. We entered some text, and chose Phenotype 4: left filled:

just entered some text

Not very pretty. We should move the selected symbol to the right, and the last generation down some lines:

Move members

Press [ALT]+D once, select (click at) one of the symbols in the bottom line, and press [ALT]+X. Or, select the appropriate menu item from above:

Members moved

Although you can move members individually, it might be more convenient to change the default spaces between members. Select Options:

Select Options from the Input Window menu

In the following dialog you can adjust horizontal and / or vertical spacing.

Change spacing globally

Pressing the More button will give you - well, just as you have already guessed - some more options:

more options

Just try the different options to get used to them.

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