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Import and Export

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The most requested features are now available

During the last years there has been a frequent request for only two new features:

In input pane, three (only slightly different) file formats are available for import / export:

  1. PIP

    Ped Input file; a format only used by PED.
  2. TXT

    a text file in Linkage / GeneHunter file format; numbers ( e.g. dna marker values) separated by spaces; for linkage analysis and risk calculation
  3. CSV

    Comma Separated Values. Much like a linkage file, but strings may be included. Suited for import / export in / from a spreadsheet, or a database.

For export only

  1. DAT

    as a BOADICEA data file

Using the PIP file format

In case you only want to save the pedigree for later re-use and modification in Input pane, just press the Export button:

press export button

A dialog opens:

export dialog

In the Windows file save dialog enter a more meaningful name than New.PIP, and save the file. For a test, erase the input window:

erase pedigree in input pane



A pedigree consisting only of the two consultands is displayed. Now press the Import button:

press Import

In the Windows dialog that opens select your previously exported PIP file:

Select your PIP file

The pedigree you import has no layout information. It uses the currently selected colors for background, lines, and text, as well as the relative font and symbol size, or the default distance between symbols. For details select Input Window -> Colors, or Options.

Change options

In the imported pedigree we want to add some extra space between the two top members:

top members need some extra space

With the female symbol selected, press [Alt]+D, or use the appropriate menu item:

menu: move member

A pedigree, re-imported in the input window:

re-imported pedigree

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