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Import and Export

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Export a pedigree as a CSV file

1. Enter the pedigree that will be exported

The following pedigree shall be exported as a CSV file:

export this pedigree as CSV file


Launch PED.

  1. Adjust colors: Input Window -> Colors -> ...
  2. Edit Input Labels: Window -> Edit Input Labels

    Edit input labels
  3. You don't have to - just to give you an idea: In Edit Window (Ctrl+W), open the phenotypes template, and edit the symbol labels (for details see the how-to resources). Save as PED file. In Windows Explorer, rename PED to PHN, and import these phenotypes (Switch to input mode, menu Phenotype -> New Symbols ... )
    edit phenotypes labels

By now you should know how to draw the pedigree at top of this page. In short: In Input window (Ctrl+Q), start a new pedigree (Input Window - Clear), press the Son, Daughter, and Ancestor button, and select the appropriate symbols from the Phenotype menu. Right click at the male consultand, and enter the values displayed in the pedigree above.

2. Export the pedigree from above

Press the Export button, select CSV, and press Save:

Export dialog

In the dialog that opens, edit the fields in the group panes numbered 1 to 6:

edit export options
  1. Enter a family name or ID:
    enter family ID
    Not recommended, but still in use: Write family ID and personal ID, separated by "-", in a single column. If you want to, check the second box.
  2. The next columns are not editable:
    These  columns are not editable
  3. Do you want the number of the phenotype (= symbol) in the phenotype menu ? In a linkage file, only 0, 1, and 2 are allowed. For a CSV file, you can use all numbers from the phenotype menu.
    use symbol numbers from phenotype menu ?
  4. If you right click on a symbol, you can add some decoration, like an arrow, or draw a line across a symbol (deceased). You can export this as a number, where "1" means "has an arrow", "2" is "deceased", and so on. If you later re-import this CSV file, all decoration will be restored.
    use decoration
  5. You can have up to four labels surrounding the symbol. These will be the contents of the next columns:
    use labels
  6. There are also up to 18 rows /1 - 2 columns of text below the symbol. Normally your pedigree should not have more than 4 - 6 rows of text below the symbol. More important: Did you always use a single column of text below the symbol ? For CSV files a single column is recommended.
    use one column for CSV files
  7. Should the columns have headers (that is, column names)? If you want to export each pedigree in an extra file, this would probably be the best. Use comma or tab as column separator, and better do not use text identifiers, until you really need them.
    use column headers
  8. You can restore the defaults for a CSV file output:
    restore defaults

If you accepted the defaults (as you usually should do), press OK, and save the output:
Save file

3. Test your results

A double click at the file may open it in MS Excel:

open CSV in Excel

You can open it in Calc:

open in Clac

In Calc there is a one page import wizard:

Import Wizard in Calc

This will give you the same result:

Opened in Calc

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