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Import and Export

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Import pedigree from a CSV file

1. CSV (comma separated values) file format

You can import pedigrees from a CSV file.
The first 5 columns in the CSV file must have the following format:

» Family ID | Individual ID | Father ID | Mother ID | Gender «

  1. Family ID: Optional (can be ommitted) | string or integer
  2. Individual ID: Mandatory | Unique integer > 0
    (if you have Family ID-Individual ID separated by a hyphen in a single column, PED should recognize this)
  3. Father ID: Mandatory | integer >= 0
  4. Mother ID: Mandatory | integer >= 0
  5. Gender: 0 (unknown), 1 (male), 2 (female)

The next two columns are optional.
If present, they must follow these rules:

All other columns are totally optional

2. Imports that will work, and those that won't:

Some rules to obey

3. Import a pedigree from the CSV file shown at the previous page

This is the CSV file opened in a text editor:

family,ID,father,mother,gender,phenotype,arrow,Text 1,Text 2,Text 3,Text 4,M 1,M 2,M 3,M 4,M 5,M 6,M 7,M 8,

This is the same file opened in

The CSV file shown in

Be sure that the file format follows the rules given above.

In PED input pane, press the Import button:

Press Import in PED input pane

In the File dialog that opens, enter as file type CSV, then choose the appropriate file:

Windows file open dialog

After you press the Open button, the import wizard will be launched.
The top pane of each of the 6 pages of the wizard - hopefully - contains all information you need to import a CSV file:
This is the first page of the import wizard:

import wizard

This is page 5 of the import wizard:

import wizard

This is the final page of the import wizard:

import wizard

After pressing the Finish button, here is the pedigree you got from this file:

pedigree imported from a CSV file

Remember: Imported pedigrees know nothing about a "best" layout. To restore the pedigree from the previous page, you have to adjust background / line / text colors, and the distance between symbols. Also notice that import / export does not distinguish between the various kinds of arrows available in PED. If an arrow is imported, always the default arrow will be displayed.

the oroginal pedigree

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