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Now we label the topmost female as deceased, as carrier, and enter her name. Right click on this symbol, and enter the appropriate values:

enter values for the second member

We click on the first son in the second generation. From the Pheneotype menu, select affected.

Select from the Phenotype menu

To mark this symbol as deceased, press [Shift]+click, i.e., press the Shift key, and while the key still down, click the left mouse button with the mouse pointer over this symbol.

For the second male symbol, we use two keyboard shortcuts:

  1. select (click at) the second male symbol in the second generation.
  2. press [Ctrl]+2 (This is a shortcut for the phenotype menu from above: While the Ctrl key still down, press the "2" key at the top of your keyboard - not at the numbers at the right side).
  3. press Shift+Click (while the Shift key still down, click on the second male symbol in the second generation).

Right click at the first female symbol in the second generation, and enter the values:

enter values for the carrier

Right click at the second female symbol in the second generation, and enter "Hanna Test", "DNA 1214", and the dna markers 2/1, 3/2, 4/1, 4/3. You should have the following pedigree:

the pedigree

The symbols are too close to each other. We should increase the "horizontal spaces" between the symbols. To move only the currently selected member, we can select the appropriate menu item from the Input Window menu:

Move members individually

But now we would like to increase the spaces "globally": Select Options from the menu above (or press [Ctrl]+O). The Options dialog will show. In the Horizontal input field enter 4, and close the dialog:

Input Window Options

Here we have "Anna" selected - the symbol is reversed:

By the way, did you notice that the pedigree drawing always uses the whole window, and the font and symbol size are adjusted automatically ?

Anna has three sons: Fritz, Frank, and Karl. The first and the second son are affected. Select Anna, in case she is not selected. To draw the three children, we could press the Son button three times, or use [Ctrl]+S three times. And, of course, there is also a menu item available:

Add member menu

Right click at each of the three sons, and enter the data. Be sure to select both columns:

select both columns, although currently you need only one

We did not have to enter the father of the three sons. He was drawn automatically, as soon as we entered the first son:

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