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This is the pedigree with Hans selected. Now select (click on) Hanna:

The pedigree - Select Hanna

With Hanna selected, press the Daughter button and the Son button - or press [Ctrl]+D and [Ctrl]+S. Again, the father of the newly added children will be drawn automatically. Right click on all three new members, and add the data. When we enter Rita's data, we choose an arrow:

Select an arrow

Your pedigree should closely resemble this one:

Our pedigree

Take a closer look at Otto and Karl: They are hemizygotes, but their markers are centered below the symbol. This is a hint that we did not select the "both columns" radio button. Right click at both symbols, and select the "both" radio button:

both columns

With PED, both columns is selected as soon as you enter text in the second column of the dialog. With hemizygotes you have to manually choose the "both" radio button only if you export as a CSV file. If you do not export your pedigree as a CSV file, or export it only as a PIP file, it is up to you - no manual selection is necessary.

We want to save our work so far. But - all items of the file menu are disabled:

file menu disabled in input mode

We are still in input mode. In input mode you cannot "save" your pedigree. Either you

We will use the export option at the next page

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