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Obviously we cannot print our pedigree in input pane. We paste the pedigree to the edit (lay-out) pane:

paste to edit window

The edit window is different from the input pane:

For more information about the edit pane, please take a look at page 3 of Getting started

The edit pane

We want to add the labels for the dna markers.

edit annotation

In the annotatin window, we enter the labels:

edit annotations

Now press the "T" button - the recently entered text is selected, and click at the cells marked by the arrows.

enter annotation

text entered

Enter the title

Enter title

enter title

Use a large font size, press OK, and press the T button. Click on the white space above the grid to add more cells at the top.

enter title

Click on the cell the green arrow points to to enter the text.

enter title

Add legend:

Then select Draw Free Line from the Edit Menu:

Draw free line

click on the cell where the left green arrow points to, then drag the mouse to the scond arrow:

free line

We can change colors ...

change colors

... and

And always use Printer Setup for page orientation before you press Print

Thank you for reading this tutorial. For more information, please take a look at the How to resources or the Frequently Asked Questions pages

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