Drawing Pedigrees ...

About an article in Medizinische Genetik (4/97; pp 595-596)


Unfortunately, there is some misinformation in this text. Please take a look at the following issue of Medizinische Genetik (Plendl H.,1998: Stammbäume zeichnen mit PED 4.2. medgen 1: 50-51) and the correction of the above mentioned article (p. 51).

So, rest assured:

For more information, please take a look at at the first issue in 1998 of Medizinische Genetik.


At the bottom of the article, there is a simple pedigree drawing. With PED, you are able to get the following result:

simply a better drawing


BTW, it took me 12 minutes to draw this pedigree.

If you like to see how this drawing can be done, follow a short online tutorial.  The last page of the tutorial shows a more colorful drawing.