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As soon as you launch PED, you are in Input mode:


PED Start


For this simple pedigree, we will first draw all members.
The male symbol of generation I is already selected.
To draw 2 sons and 2 daughters, press the Son button twice; then press the Daughter button twice. This is the result:


Second generation


Next, we will draw all children of the two daughters of our pedigree:
First, click on the first daughter. Press the Son button three times (or press [Ctrl+S] three times).

Now, select (click on) the second daughter. Press [Ctrl+D] and [Ctrl+S] (or press the button Daughter and Son button once).

This is the resulting drawing:

Complete Pedigree, symbols only


As you may have noticed, partners of both daughters are drawn by default.
So, by some simple mouse clicks, we have drawn a complete pedigree.

In the next step, we will see how we can enter some additional information.

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